26 Feb 2013

Eddystone User Group

If, like me, you owned an Eddystone communications receiver at some point in the past then you may like to look at the Eddystone User Group pages. Here you will find lots of data on old receivers, links to data sheets and service manuals and a lot else too.

In my case I owned a Mk 1 EC10 receiver similar to the one shown here. This was state of the art in the late 1960s when it sold for £48. By modern standards it is a pretty rubbish receiver.


Julian Moss said...

They may have been rubbish receivers but they were beautifully made rubbish receivers.

Julian, G4ILO

Roger G3XBM said...

Agreed Julian. I loved my EC10 as a tunable IF at 4-6MHz but at 28MHz where the whole 1.7MHz wide band was about 10mm of dial and the image rejection around 10dB it was barely usable.