10 Feb 2013

8.97kHz VLF amateur activity

DJ8WX's VLF signal received by G3ZJO (frequency is Hz)
This last week or so Uwe DJ8WX has been active again on VLF from his location near Hamburg.  Uwe was the strongest signal I ever copied on the so called "Dreamers Band" a few years ago and his signal is being well received again now. To copy these signals at 8.97kHz requires a quiet antenna location and a very stable, frequency locked receiver. You will NOT be able to hear anything and signals take hours or days to appear on the PC screen using a package like Spectrum Laboratory. Getting a very very stable receiver is actually easy as Spectrum Lab can lock onto one of the strong MSK VLF commercial signals and use this, or a GPS signal, as a very accurate reference. Much more details on the Sub-9kHz Amateur Radio pages.

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