3 Feb 2013

137.5kHz ...it's getting repetitive

Well, I've had the 137.5kHz WSPR2 beacon running for about 18 hours now, almost continuously on a 25% TX cycle. I've tried to drum up reporters by posting on the WSPRnet chat page, RSGB LF Yahoo Group and the LF Blacksheep reflector, plus a few direct emails to stations likely to copy my signal.
Consistent 137.5kHz WSPR spots from G8HUH at 250km, but no others!
All I've managed are the very consistent reports from good old G8HUH at 250km. The signal is obviously spanning this distance without any issues so why no others reporting?

Later I am going to replace the 10MHz LO in my transverter with the stable source from my synthesised signal generator and have a go tonight at WSPR15 (15 minutes TX periods) and see if that gets me a few more reports. It should be several dB more sensitive. If that fails to get anywhere, then I am calling it a day on 137kHz. In terms of returns for effort, this is not good value.

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Anonymous said...

I am going to try to set up an eath dipole receiving setup only, 10Km south of Paris on 137KHz. The main beam axis is nw-se so should be ideal for UK. it will take me a week or so, but I will try to get a system going that is sensitive enough to receive you. this is not so easy in an urban environment. I should be able to leave this running 24/7 with only short breaks. If you think this distance is useful, please let me know. If this is successful, I will try Tx also. Hugh F/G6AIG, Antony, France.