6 Feb 2013

10m WSPR

10m WSPR reports late this afternoon
This afternoon, whilst updating my website, I put on the 10m WSPR beacon. All was very quiet for the first hour or so and I was about to switch it off. Then I looked and saw a heap of stateside spots had appeared. This is the beauty of WSPR: you can get on with other things and use it to see when the band opens up. It will become especiallyuseful on 10m when the peak (such as it is) is over and we are looking at quiet conditions on 10m again. At least with WSPR there will be a much clearer picture of the openings that do occur.

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YO9IRF said...

You can use the frequency hopping version and include an upper band (such as 14MHz at night and 28MHz during the day), it's an easy way to keep an eye out for various openings.