12 Jan 2013

Thoughts turning to 136kHz again

After a few weeks on the new 472-479kHz band, my thoughts are again turning to 136kHz, a band that I experimented with a year or more ago now. This band is MUCH harder work than 472 or 500kHz with around 20-30dB more of everything (!) needed.  By this I mean that for the same power, the "effort" to get a contact or report seems to be about 20-30dB more. This is partly because the short antennas I use have a very low radiation resistance at 136kHz so losses become more significant. Also, noise can be even more of an issue.  Despite all of this, I plan to make a 136kHz version of the transverter I did for 472kHz, but maybe with a bit more RF output (in the 20-30W region). Most of the design is ready done (in my head) so it should only take a few days to do. The plan is to TX using my earth-electrode antenna.

On 136/137kHz there are fewer stations using WSPR, so I will probably use QRSS more. In the past I have made QRSS crystal controlled beacons for this band, but with a transverter and my FT817 I will be able to generate a QRSS signal wherever I want in the band and also be able to have QRSS QSOs.

Does anyone have recommendations for SIMPLE PC program that will allow me to generate QRSS (various speeds) as an audio tone? 

This way I can use my SignaLink USB interface and VOX to send QRSS (or DFCW) using audio tones. Please don't suggest Spectrum Lab unless you can give me a "Noddy guide" on how to use it for QRSS! This is a very good program, but to a simple soul like me it seems like you need a PhD to drive it. In the past I've used it for VLF reception, but it took me weeks to work out how to drive it and every time I go back to it I need to learn it all again. I just want a simple QRSS tone generator.


g4fre said...

I have been using the ON7YD "QRS" successfully for HF QRS , mainly DFCW many years now http://www.qsl.net/on7yd/software_main_main.htm


Anonymous said...


I wonder if anyone has developed any QRSS
tone generator applications for the iPhone and iTouch.


Roger G3XBM said...

Dave, I can generate an audio QRSS signal using QRS software, but cannot see how to do this with the SignaLink USB sound card and its VOX control!

I want to use QRSS with the SignaLink interface as this will allow PTT keying by VOX for all my digital modes.

Anyone know a QRSS program that WILL work with the SignaLink USB?

G0FTD said...

Multipsk work in AF output/vox mode for QRSS.

It's a bit of a gawky program and appears a bit daunting at first but
actually it's not that bad.