14 Jan 2013

Kenwood TS-990 - UK price

Well my fellow blog readers, I have some good news for you!

The new Kenwood TS-990 is now available to order for Martin Lynch, and I expect many others, for only £6600 with deliveries expected February. I am sure many will buy this fine radio, but as this is about ten times my budget (once every 10 years or so) for a new HF transceiver, I will not be one of them. 


Anonymous said...

If I win on the lottery it will be a Drake 2B and some Heathkits of eBay. A good second hand car can be had
for the price of a TS990

Anonymous said...

I like the Pixsie Transciever you have a complete ham CW station for less than £20.


Julian Moss said...

Considering the list price in the USA is over $9K that's a surprisingly low UK price. I think I'll stick with my K3 though.!