15 Jan 2013

eQSL cards

Brazilian QSL card received via www.eqsl.net
To be honest I'm not very good at QSLing.  In years past I would regularly write out QSL cards and send them out to the bureau and look forward to the next batch of cards. These days I do send out some paper cards, but not that many. Instead I tend to use eQSL cards instead, but I was way behind with reviewing incoming QSLs so this evening I spent an hour or so getting up to date. I rejected a few cards - one for a WSPR "QSO" where what had really happened was an exchange of reports via the WSPRnet database, and the other for a voice-over-internet QSL with a JA station.

Checking my totals I see that I have 55 countries confirmed by eQSL cards. All these will be with 2.5W or less on all modes, mostly SSB on 10m and 6m. Many of my DXCC countries pre-date the eQSL era and I have not been that active in DXing as such in recent years, apart from the occasional contest like CQWW SSB, which I enjoy with QRP.  As you know, I prefer to carry out crazy experiments somewhat on the edge of sanity on strange bands with odd antennas instead!


Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, Brazil with SSB with just 2.5 W is amazing.
I use CW and my lowest power is 980 mW for a confirmed QSO. I had great fun in the CQ MM DX contest of 2011 and 20112. Excellent achievement. 73, Bert

Roger G3XBM said...

You may remember that I thought I was running 5W Bert, but then found out I had misread the "blobs" on the FT817. The little speech processor helps a lot on HF SSB.