24 Jan 2013

Disappointment on 137.766kHz

Despite running my QRP LF beacon for over 2 days continuously I have received no successful reports. A couple of people looked without success, but at least they tried. I am leaving it running QRSS3 today as I want to do some further reception tests this afternoon and measure my ERP by taking actual field strength measurements out to about 15km from home. Let's hope I get a few positive reports as the signal should be detectable out to at least 60km.


Anonymous said...

Roger. Just happened across your blog and saw the 137KHz challenge. Connected up my old VLF converter and untuned long wire and can just about make out your signal on spectrogram. (15:00 GMT)
I guess I could gain a few dB if I tuned the antenna but the signal is certainly you. Located near Rushden IO92RG. 73 Dave G4FEV. If I can find your email address I will send you a screen grab.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Dave.

I have your nice screenshot thanks and the distance is 56.7km. Great to get such a nice report.

Roger G3XBM