24 Jan 2013

Amateur activity on VLF in the last few days

Several amateurs in Europe have reported strong signals on 8970.022Hz VLF, a frequency used in the past by DJ8WX near Hamburg. It is some months since there has been any amateur "dreamers band" activity, so this is very welcome. This is the signal as seem in the Czech Republic on the OK2BVG grabber. Note the timescale on the grabber picture. It is necessary to watch the signal for very many hours to see the signal appear. Hence, very stable transmissions are needed, and a receiving system that is able to hold to a few uHz for hours and hours on end. Just listening on VLF and you will have ZERO chance of detecting such signals.
Amateur VLF reception is usually a "whole new ballgame" compared with listening for the strong MSF signals sending to submarines which are very strong.
VLF amateur signal, believed to be DJ8WX yesterday seen on Lubos, OK2BVG's grabber

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