3 Dec 2012

Flying Pig 40m 5W transceiver

Thanks to Dave in Jakarta (don't know your call Dave) I've been pointed towards the Flying Pig 5W CW transceiver for 40m from Kits and Parts.

The receiver uses a clever direct conversion design using an NE602 with some AGC applied to it. Like the RockMite, it uses some front end crystal filtering to help overcome dynamic range/overload  issues, but with the limitation this is a single frequency radio, for example parked on 7.030MHz, the QRP frequency. Still, a full 5W on the QRP frequency will permit plenty of QSOs.
This is the photo on the http://www.kitsandparts.com/ website
The best news is the price - $40 only, which is good value for a kit. Available from Dec 10th 2012 according to the website.


Anonymous said...

Looks good. Shame no VFO.
The SW40+ (now discontinued) was great, but sadly is no more.

Steve Wigg said...

For the price its very good!

You could always put in a couple higher freq crystals (same value) at the top end of the CW band with a variable external cap, and make yourself a super VXO to cover most of the CW portion. :-)