11 Dec 2012

Countries with access to 472-479kHz

An interesting post on the LF reflector today from Rik Strobbe ON7YD - OR7T about which countries have, or soon will have, access to the new MF band.

This was Rik's list:

Monaco (18/05/2012)
Malta (11/06/2012)
Germany (13/06/2012)
Philippines (30/08/2012)
Slovakia (1/09/2012)
Czechia (1/09/2012)
Sweden (1/10/2012)
Norway (30/10/2012)
Greece (1/11/2012)

Denmark (1/01/2013)
Netherlands (1/01/2013)
United Kingdom (1/01/2013)
Switserland (1/01/2013)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

You can now add NZ to the list: From 20th December 2012 we get access to the band with 25W max EIRP and no bandwidth restrictions.

73; Kevin ZL3KE