20 Dec 2012

472-479kHz NoV received

Today I received my 472-479kHz NoV via the RSGB website. The NoV for 5W eirp (about 20dB more than I can run!) seems to indicate that the new band may be used by NoV holders immediately judging by the date of issue.

There is some confusion as the OFCOM website says:
"However, as a result of the World Radio Conference, under Agenda Item 1.23 amateur radio has been given an alternative allocation, on a secondary basis, of 472 479 kHz. We propose that Full Licensees should be able to to apply for an NoV to operate in this band from 1st January 2013. Application can be made online at http://www.rsgb.org/operating/novapp/nov-472-479-khz.php

My official OFCOM NoV says applicable from Dec 20th start date so I am allowed to operate from today unless told otherwise later by email or phone from OFCOM. This may be pedantic, but they should have checked before sending out the form.

My first WSPR reports have been received from PA3ABK/47 at around -24dB S/N with my ERP currently around 10mW only (too much wet on the antenna). Also received a report from G8HUH (250km) and PA3FNY (360km).
It now seems that the official 472kHz NoVs issued this afternoon (mine was this morning)  now state a Jan 1st 2013 start date.  So, am I legally operating I wonder? If the world ends tomorrow, at least I've got a few 472kHz reports in the log, HI.


Steve Wigg said...

I got mine too! Seems to be a load of cobblers really if it churns them out straight away? Where is the checking in the NOV system?

Does this mean I also have to renew my old 5MHz NOV now there are changes, as my past one was issued directly from Ofcom not the RSGB?

73 Steve

g4fre said...

both my NOV say "Date of issue of this Variation: 1 January 2013" so one assumes they are not in force until that date.



G0FTD said...

I have a special issue NoV like
Roger's. Maybe it was a plan to
allow us early adopters a sly
chance to operate on the band
before the world ended. Note the
date of the NoV ! ;-))

Legally it is only OFCOM that can
rescind the NoV. The polite email
from the RSGB cannot legally be
enforced. No laws have been broken m'lord
and I doubt anyone is going to make anything
of it.

However I don't think there's much
point worrying sbout a few days of
waiting until Jan 1, and besides if
anyone were to start playing this
game then it would mean that you
would be accepting a cut off date
for the NoV approx 10 days before
everyone else ;-)

Here's looking forward to a great radio year
next year.

73 to all.