19 Nov 2012

Tenbox 10m AM rig - a bit more

Although I had little time today, I experimented with adding varicap tuning to the Tenbox AM transceiver's RX section. Only problem was I had no varicaps, so tried using a few different diodes and a transistor as a varicap. 1N4148 and a Germanium diode reverse biased hardly produced any change in capacitance going from 2-12V. I know a 1N4007 works quite well but could not find one. Then I used a 2N3904's base-collector junction and got a few pF of change. In the end I just did as I did in the Sixbox and used a fixed capacitor in series with a 365pF polyvaricon tuning capacitor. This moves the RX frequency as much as I need at around 2MHz maximum.


Julian Moss said...

Red LEDs make good varicaps, Roger.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for that tip Julian. I'll try it.

Martin OE5HYM said...

Here is the link to LED's as varicaps:


Martin, OE5HYM