8 Nov 2012

MF "swish, swish, swish" interference

In recent months I've been suffering from man-made noise on MF which was not there before. I've a constant S8 noise floor now (it was around S1-2 before) and as I tune from 300-500kHz I get a rapid  "swish swish swish" every few hundred Hertz. I think there are frequencies where it is stronger but the new 472-479kHz is BAD, although I still manage WSPR decodes from DK and SM. For CW it would be just about impossible.

Now, I haven't yet tried to systematically work out what this is yet and nor have I tried a small external loop on RX or an E-field probe down the garden.

Before I start to investigate, does anyone have a clear idea what this rapid "swish swish swish" QRM is likely to be? I don't think the source is in my own house and on one side the neighbour's house is currently unoccupied. I have tried the obvious (turning off lights and SMPSUs in my own place) with no success.

Any knowledgeable help would be much appreciated.

Man-made interference at MF and LF is a critical consideration for newcomers. I hope that a new version of the RSGB book "LF-Today" (if one is planned) will give some information on how to search out such sources and some strategies for how they might be mitigated.


Paolo said...

Roger, have you tried to totally cut electrical power to your home? Not just unplugging the obvious.

It could also be a street light going/gone bad. I have heard of failing heating system controllers, ...

I live in a block with 60+ apartments, I won't even start such a hunt!

Anonymous said...

Use the small ferrite antenna you just built to triangulate the noise. Take the new GPS logger you just bought with you.