11 Nov 2012

Lesser Chirpy reaches Cyprus

No QSOs this morning yet but a RBN report from 5B4AGN in Cyprus with the 80mW lesser Chirpy 10m CW transceiver to the Homebase-10 halo. This is the first time I've looked for RBN reports with this tiny transceiver.
Reverse Beacon Network report for 80mW Lesser Chirpy
When I got back from my grandson's birthday party in London in the late afternoon I put out about 10 CQs on 28.060MHz with the rig, but no QSOs or RBN reports. I shall try again during the week.

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Julian Moss said...

Nice going. I did try with the chirpy version but the RBN didn't pick me up. Computer decoders probably don't like chirpy signals.

Julian, G4ILO