6 Nov 2012

Lesser Chirpy 10m transceiver

You may recall that some months back I did a tiny transceiver for 10m CW ....that chirped. Well, this is the latest version that does NOT chirp! Instead of keying the oscillator current, I now key the capacitor that sets the oscillator frequency instead i.e. FSK keying. The latest version is shown here. Have a go: 10m is is good shape and you may get a few QSOs.
If the going gets tough (the RX audio level is low!) try adding an extra antenna change-over switch so you can receive on an external receiver instead. or add a 100n from TR2 collector and feed the signal into a sound card and SDR so you can use the PC's audio gain to help with copy and tune either side a few kHz.

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DD5CF said...

Thanks for posting this Roger, I will start looking for componants.

Hope you are all well.

Vy 73 Colin DD5CF / G1ZOS