26 Nov 2012

Cutting big pieces of copper laminate

When I was working I had access to a guillotine to snap out large pieces of copper laminate to convenient sizes for project breadboards. Being retired I no longer have this method to hand. SO, I asked a question on the GQRP Yahoo group this evening to find out what other people did. Several suggestions but the favourite is "scoring and snapping", summarised by the post from Duncan G4DFV which I have reproduced below.
"My method of cutting large pieces of copper laminate:-
  • Place a steel rule along a previously drawn line on the board where you require to cut.
  • Pressing down firmly on the rule, using a stanley or other utility knife, score along the line.
  • Repeat the scoring in the same cut for perhaps 10 times, then
  • looking at the edges of the board, you will see each point where the
  • scoring starts and finishes. 
  • Carefully mark these points over on to the other side of the board and  
  • place the rule exactly along a line between these points and score as before.
  • After about 10 scorings, place the board on a flat surface such that the
  • scored line is on a straight edge.
  • Holding the board down with one hand, press down over the straight edge with the other.
  • The board should break cleanly along the scored line.
  • Any uneven/rough edge can be smoothed with sandpaper.
Duncan G4DFV"

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aa7ee said...

That's the method I use Roger. Works like a charm.