18 Nov 2012

Barbados on 10m QRP

8P6BX in Barbados
Whilst looking for QSOs with Lesser Chirpy on 28.060MHz this afternoon I heard Ron 8P6BX in Barbados calling CQ. No go with 70mW so I turned on the FT817 and worked him with 5W getting a 569 report. He was running 3W and was peaking 589 with me. It was a nice, solid 2-way QRP QSO on CW.


Anonymous said...

Ahh but did you hear the Barbados station wid the Chirpy??


Roger G3XBM said...

Hi Tony,

No he was too weak to copy on Chirpy RX unfortunately, although I did try to hear him with it. Chirpy only really hears signals when stations are about S8 or better on the FT817 (around -95dBm comfortable in a very quiet room).

Roger G3XBM

Anonymous said...

Well done all the same. The fact that Chirpy is being heard warrants extra audio stage just to lift things!!