24 Nov 2012

Another ham radio company bites the dust

Via an email from Steve G1KQH I've just heard that Snowdonia Radio Company has ceased trading completely and closed its business. If I understand correctly they closed down last year but had one last try again this year. You may recall that this company produced antennas such as the X80 HF vertical antenna which appears on an earlier blog entry last year I believe. I erected and used one and it worked very well.

This is sad news as it was a small UK company making good products for the amateur market. Clearly the market is not big enough to support the volume of trade they had and all their commercial overheads. One wonders how many other small companies can make a success in our market unless they get major publicity in the big magazines or have a good website that attracts a world-wide audience of potential and actual buyers. I cannot recall SRC advertising too widely: maybe this was their problem - getting a critical mass of customers who told others and came back for more themselves.

This was the message on their website today: 
Due to an ongoing decline in trade Snowdonia Radio Company has stopped trading.
All contact avenues have stopped.
This has been a hard decision as we only reopened in January 2012, but ongoing high costs and a rapid decline in trade have forced our family business to close permanently.

Thank you for the business over the years from Simon and Liz, and we hope to speak to you on air.
Please note that there are some poor quality non SRC antennas available, These antennas look like SRC products but are not. SRC do not make antennas for anyone else......

73,   _._

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GW0KIG said...

I had bought and am still using one of SRCs multi band HF mobile antennas. I find it works well. I know that the base verticals had some mixed reviews though.As you say it is a shame that a UK based company like this had to cease