13 Nov 2012

AM broadcasts on Medium Wave

The BBC recently switched off some of its MW local radio AM outlets for some weeks to see if anyone was listening. Results suggest few people listen to their radios in the UK on Medium Wave any more. I know I am one of them, preferring to use Band 2 FM. We also have a DAB radio but it is pretty useless in the kitchen where FM is perfect. I think it is a signal strength issue.

So, will the BBC switch off all its MW output? Will anyone care? It may soon be that AM will be a dying mode unless we radio amateurs use it and show its strengths.

See www.theregister.co.uk/2012/11/08/dab_am_bbc/.


Sverre Holm said...

It is a natural development I think. In Norway we turned off the main MW transmitter on 1314 kHz in 2006.

But we still maintain two stations in the north for the fishing fleet, Ingøy on longwave 153 kHz and Svalbard on medium wave 1485 kHz (http://www.nrk.no/informasjon/nyheter_om_nrk/1.7610339)

Tiégui said...

Here in South Europe (the place to be) we still use AM to broadcast on MW !
Many french transmitters are on, and a large number of spanish too !

P.S : Hello Sverre :)