23 Nov 2012

A photo in QRP Basics (2nd edition)

My wife has bought me a copy of QRP Basics (2nd edition) by G3RJV for Christmas. It came this week so we opened the pack to check all was well, before putting it away for a month.

Imagine our surprise when we spotted a photo in it of me with grandson Lucien (when he was very young) at my operating table.  Lucien is the little lad (now 5) who was tapping out CW on one of my YouTube videos and playing with my audio kit on another. As I never did manage to get either of my two sons interested in ham radio, I'll be lucky to get any of my grandchildren interested, but I shall try.  Regarding the rest of the book, I'll let you know on Christmas day after reading it with a minced pie in hand. As it is written by Rev George Dobbs, I am sure it will be another excellent book about QRP.

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Pete said...

My son showed an interest when he was young too!

That was 1988. It didn't last!