9 Oct 2012

Ten-Tec Argonaut VI

Ten-Tec is working on a new QRP radio that is a little larger than the FT817 but with a more conventional styling than the KX3. At the moment I understand price has not been fixed. 25 pre-production units are being field tested.  First shipments are not expected until later this year and there are hints that this may slip.

I am ambivalent about this new design: with limited HF band coverage and no VHF/UHF coverage and a styling that is "plain Jane" how many people will opt for it compared with (a) a new KX3 or even (b) an FT817 despite it being a 10 year old design? It needs to have some pretty strong unique selling features I think.

Interestingly, the Ten-Tec website makes no mention of this radio as far as I can see. Elecraft were forward selling the KX3 nearly a year before it made it out to first customers. Why is Ten-Tec not already seriously warming up the market? Surely if it is to be worth buying they should be encouraging potential customers not to buy a KX3?

The image above is linked from the www.qrper.com website.


VE3WDM said...

It does look like a very simple design but Ten Tec has always been know for a great receiver on their radios.

Anonymous said...

The form factor is perfect AFAIK. I'm just worried about the price. TenTec is as outrageous as Elecraft when it comes to price.

With today's advancements in low cost high performance, DDS/Clock-Generator, A/D, and DSP technology, I think you could do a simple radio like this with high-end specifications for $200-$300 USD each - and still reap a nice profit margin.

At that price, you would sell large numbers of them, especially if the receiver is general coverage.

Regards, David