25 Oct 2012

Ten-Tec Argonaut VI latest

Ten-Tec is working on a new Argonaut transceiver called the Argonaut VI.  Details remain sketchy but at K4SWL's website http://qrper.com/tag/model-539/ there is some news that 25 units are going through a pilot run currently with production likely towards the end of the year.

A photo of the Argonaut VI on the K4SWL website (linked)
There are not enough details available to make any judgement on this new QRP transceiver. As far as I can find there is nothing at all about it on the Ten-Tec website. Some rumours are that it will NOT cover 12m and 6m and neither will it support 10m FM. Who would produce a brand new HF radio without at least all 80-10m inclusive bands and modes?

Unless the price is very attractive and the unique features substantial, then I just cannot see it competing well against the 11 year old FT817 and the new Elecraft KX3. The pictures seen so far show a simple looking radio, some would say plain, but with what is supposed to be a very decent receiver along the lines of the Ten-Tec Eagle.

What's cooking Ten-Tec? Are you still going ahead with this transceiver? If so, please can we have some firmed-up specs and prices?

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