4 Oct 2012

New soldering iron needed

My old Weller soldering iron station (an old Pye Telecom chuck-out from about 1980) is on its very last legs - it is physically cracked and really does need replacing. You can tell how old it is by the mains wire colours! It was possibly the one I had on my bench when I started work in 1970.

I'm looking at the Maplin soldering iron range for a replacement, which look good value. Most of my work is with discrete parts but increasingly some SMA parts are being used too. Up to now I have been using up my stock of tin-lead solder, but am happy to move to lead free.

So, please may I have your recommendation on what soldering iron to go for?

I don't mind spending a bit more if by doing so I get a more reliable soldering station. Clearly replacement tips must be available inexpensively.


Ricardo - CT2GQV said...


I use an JBC soldering iron and a stand similar to this ones: http://www.maplin.co.uk/desktop-soldering-iron-stand-48131

The soldering iron I can only say good things, I'm now on my second tip and still rock solid. Tips are durable so is the iron and parts are easily available.
The iron stand is getting now some rust due the water in the sponge.


R. Ash*\ said...

A lot of the Makers and Electrical Engineers I follow highly recommend Hakko:


Alan - G0RWB said...

I have the Maplin 60W ESD-safe iron (A55KJ) and like it. A pack of three tips (A19KK) is about £6. You can get it cheaper on Ebay from the Home-N-Hobbies store.
It appears to be a rebadged Atten AT938D, see
They carry a large range of compatible Aoyue T-type tips.

Anonymous said...

Either Weller or Hakko it is. Don't go for anything below that.

TiƩgui said...

Weller, what else ? :)

Anonymous said...

Weller.. it's worth the money.
The Zero-switching type will last for ever and don't generate horrible spikes on turn-on.

Lead free.. a horrible frustrating dry joint fest! stick to 60/40 Lead-Tin wih Rosin core (like the old days) and you can't go wrong.

Just my pennyworth. Hugh G6AIG (also on 10m WSPR!)