28 Oct 2012

More DX on 10m today

This must rank as one of the most fun CQWW DX contests I've taken part in. Plenty of DX could be worked with just 5W SSB from the FT817 and my small Homebase-10 halo today and yesterday. If anything conditions were better on 28MHz today than yesterday.
HK1NA (worked today) operating CQWW
 ...and in contrast G3XBM operating CQWW today!
Stations worked include LR3M, LP1H (Argentina), C5A (The Gambia), HK1NA (Colombia), CR2X, CR3A, CT3HF (Azores), CN3A (Morocco), ER3AU (Moldova), A65BB (UAE), 3V8BB (Tunisia), ZW5B, ZZ2T, PY1NX, PS2T (Brazil), EY8MM (Tajikistan) plus loads of US, Canadian and other stations. My ears are sore with SSB signals! I have now filled my third page of contacts in the logbook.

Some of the operating skills were amazing: PJ4X was working stations at a rate of one every 5 seconds. He spoke so crisply and quickly that by the time I'd called he'd already worked another station! 

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TiƩgui said...

Have you noticed some chirp sounds on the 10 m band ? Some are maybe from ionospheric sounders, but other ones sound strange. Don't know what is it !

73, from Thierry.