15 Oct 2012

KX3 in stock at Waters and Stanton

I read that W&S now has the Elecraft KX3 in stock for immediate delivery. This is a far cry from the 8 month lead-time when deliveries first started.  The supplier is  taking a profit from selling the units, but at least you know the price. My experience when importing kits and parts from the USA into the UK is that the import duty and VAT and Parcel Force "handling charge" (a rip off!) can add a significant amount to the final price, and a degree of uncertainty.

I am still tempted by the KX3. It is many years since I last bought a commercial rig and this one, although expensive, does tick all the boxes: small, 10W, excellent SDR receiver, coverage to 6m (soon 2m), auto ATU, speech processor., etc.



Paul PC4T said...

That's really good news. 73 Paul

Julian Moss said...

It's only 10W if you use external power, Roger. The internal power is the same as the FT-817 - 8 x AA cells - and the maximum power is also the same, 5W, when these are used.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger.
I have recently been in touch with Elecraft re possible purchase of an Elecraft KX3-F, plus roofing filter, auto ATU and hand mic. The total cost (including shipping and delivery by our Post Office) at todays currency rate would be £1078.08p. You might like to compare that with W&S - assuming that they can supply the optional items. The shipping cost alone, which would take about two weeks, is $67.80, which works out at £41.69.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger.
Regarding previous comment about cost of import of Elecraft KX3. I should have said that the price shown (at todays currency rate) does include VAT at 20%. This, as you may know, is payable on the goods purchased AND on the shipping charge.

g4fre said...

Hi Roger

I have had one for over 3 months and find it performs great. The only issue was having to take the NiMh cells out every time I wanted to recharge them. Now they are (finally) shipping the KXBC3 charger that problem is finally solved

73, Dave