20 Oct 2012

Just maybe DX on 8.9755kHz?

Last week G3WCD, who is 32km from me, monitored my very long carrier VLF transmission to see if he could detect anything. I transmitted a continuous carrier for a day with a 1 hour break during the period. On his 45uHz bandwidth VLF grabber he noticed a signal (me?) very close to my stated frequency that disappeared the day after, when I was not transmitting. So, starting late tonight, I am repeating the test with an even longer continuous transmission (days if need be) to see if the carrier re-appears on his screen. Should the signal appear, I will drop carrier for a day or so and then re-key the TX to see if the signal re-appears.  At this distance I would be very surprised if anything would be detectable, but this is certainly worth this second, longer, try. Chris G3WCD has a VLF grabber at http://g3wcd.bplaced.net/.

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