8 Oct 2012

iPod Touch 4g - resetting

This evening I decided to do a "return to factory reset" on my Apple iPod Touch 4g as I'd run out of storage space on the 8GB machine and the battery life, despite regularly closing open apps, was getting very poor. I'd put this down to the age (2 years) and almost daily use draining the LiIon batteries.

So, I backed up the photos and videos, ensured the apps were safe on the main PC and pressed the "reset". Then I loaded iOS6.0 and all the apps back on the iPod. First impressions are that the battery life has just about doubled and appears to be almost back to what it was 2 years ago. I wasn't expecting this. To be honest, it feels like a brand new machine.

Although I don't buy that many modern gadgets the purchase of the iPod Touch 4g 2 years ago was one of my best ever purchases. It allows me to keep in touch with my emails, BBC, family by Skype and FaceTime video, WSPR spots monitoring, take photos and videos, Facebook, etc wherever there is a WiFi connection.  It slips in my pocket and is an almost constant companion.

My whole family are Apple converts!

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