20 Oct 2012


As yet, I have not heard any more firm news on price and availability of the IC7100.  There was a rumour that the US price was going to be around $1875, but I have no idea where this figure came from. If correct, it sounds far far too much.

Although I am a QRP person, this rig does appeal to me: the very comprehensive band coverage (including 4m) would make it a good main station radio. With the IC7000 being just over £1100 I would expect the IC7100 to be somewhat more than this, at least at first, but not as high as the figure above which would translate to around £1875 with import duties, VAT and dealer mark-ups.
IC7100 - will there be a QRP version available in the USA and Europe?
What would be really nice would be an "IC703 version" of the IC7100 i.e. a 10W pep version. Now if Icom  produced one of these a lot of QRP enthusiasts would sit up.


Anonymous said...

There is no import duty on amateur radio kit.

Roger G3XBM said...

Are you sure that is correct? There is certainly VAT at 20% to add in the UK.

Anonymous said...

It used to be zero but now seems to be 3.6% - see http://www.qsl.net/g0isw/g0iswdealers.htm

Rip-off Britain continues...