22 Oct 2012

Homebase-10 28MHz wire halo antenna

Homebase-10 antenna on the back of my house.
28MHz (10m) is excellent at the moment. If you are looking for a small, simple, horizontally polarised, omni-directional antenna for 28MHz, you may want to build a copy of my Homebase-10 halo which was published in Practical Wireless a few years ago. This antenna takes hardly any space, is simple and inexpensive to make and works extremely well. All the parts apart from the wire can be obtained from your local hardware store (wood, brackets, screws etc). You should easily have change from a £10 note.

The results on WSPR today (see previous post) give some indication of how well it performs. Mine currently has a second halo nested inside the first giving me coverage on 50MHz too.


Jon said...

B&Q also have a great telescopic pole designed for decorating. It is 5m long when extended and made from three sections of aluminium.

I bought one a few weeks ago and it is now being used for mounting a UHF vertical on the back of the house.

Link here http://goo.gl/FwVdL

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Nice concept, would like to have such antenna for 2 meter wspr. 73Paul