13 Oct 2012

Earth-mode VLF RX kit updated

Today I've been updating my VLF receiving kit ahead of doing some further field tests, probably on Monday. I've now changed my RX loop so that the resonance can be adjusted in the field using a capacitance switch box to bring it to resonance.  The capacitance to bring it to resonance is around 240nF. The loop was about 1kHz off-tune so that the signal was around 4-6dB weaker than it should have been. Now I can tune the loop for maximum S/N in the field and can adjust the loop to a variety of test frequencies.  I've also peaked the 8.97kHz tuned circuit on my earth-electrode receiver input and fixed a faulty connection cable.

Whether these changes will allow me to get any further through the ground remains to be seen.

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