2 Oct 2012

A return to earth-mode VLF experiments

This afternoon I installed a more permanent earth-mode ground system to use in forthcoming tests at VLF through to 500kHz. Instead of bringing the 2 earth connections into my upstairs shack, as I had done previously, I have now installed a couple of grounds and wires that come into my "designing" shack downstairs. This means I can now run a lot more tests using the test equipment at my disposal. It also means I do not tie up equipment in my "operating" shack upstairs when doing earth mode beaconing.

The diagram shows the current arrangement of the grounds and wire. At its highest point the wire is 1.5m above ground, running along the back garden fence. It is invisible.

Tomorrow I hope to get the ULF/VLF earth-mode beacon TX on-air initially on 8.97kHz and 1.147kHz in QRSS3 and QRSS30 and carry out my usual reception test at a point 1.6km from home where the signal is usually strong. Subject to satisfactory results with the new TX "antenna" I then intend to do a series of RX tests using new equipment out to around 10km from home.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

A house up the road from me has an earth wire tacked around the outside of the building. Would this be an induction loop for a deaf aid . No VLF experimenters in my area that I know off. Quinton Birmingam

Kind Regards