15 Oct 2012

32km test on 8.9775kHz VLF

Tomorrow evening, Oct 16th, at 1700z I'm starting a 24 hour continuous carrier transmission on 8.9775kHz using my earth-mode system and 5W beacon TX. The carrier will be dropped for a few hours at some time (not previously disclosed) during the transmission to help later ID.

Chris G3WCD, who is 32km west of me, is trying to see if anything at all is detectable from my earth-mode set-up at that distance. We both do not realistically expect success, but with the ability to look in uHz bandwidths using Spectrum Lab it is worth a go.

If there is anyone else closer to Burwell, Cambs JO02DG85VD who wants to try looking as well, please let me know ASAP. Ideally stations in the 10-20km range.

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