21 Oct 2012

10m QRP (2W) AM DX QSO

The excellent conditions on HF today
Just worked K1IED in Connecticut when using 2W AM to my halo antenna. The 10m AM segment is busy with some good signals from the US and Canada. When 10m AM is like this you just know 10m is wide open.

Although K1KW was an excellent AM signal I was unable to get through the pileup on AM to work him.

The very poor quality video below shows K1IED's 10m AM signal a few minutes after I worked him.

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TiƩgui said...

They are still strong today ! Tune on 27 MHZ, US stations are really strong there and nearly overload my receiver on 27.025 MHz. One hour after sunset they were still readable on this frequency.

73, from Thierry.