18 Sep 2012

WSPR for the iPod Touch

Like many these days, I've an Apple iPod Touch and use it every day for web browsing. When watching the TV or reading the paper it is handy to be able to check my WSPR spots with a quick look at the iPod Touch.

The Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch do not have that many amateur radio apps. There are a few very useful ones like an audio spectrum analyser, an oscilloscope, Echolink and a repeater database, but what I would really like is a full WSPR interface for the iPod Touch.  Does anyone know if such an app has/is being developed for Apple or Android products? Even Apple OS PCs seem to be less well catered for with regard to amateur radio software.


Peter Marks said...

It's a nice idea Roger, but there are some challenges such as WSPR's implementation in c, fortran and python.

Bob said...

Run WSPR on a Raspberry Pi and use X Server on your phone to control it and watch the results. That way you are not tied to your radio. I must run mine up again. I did also have it running and feeding the waterfall to a web server. I could stop and start via web interface but had not perfected band changing, but it was certainly possible, just needed more time.