6 Sep 2012

WISPY progress (TX side)

Despite promising to finish off the 472kHz transverter properly first, I decided to have a go at the TX side of the 10m DSB WSPR and PSK transceiver (WISPY). Starting with the PA and working back to the drivers I breadboarded a simple linear amp based on a couple of 2N3904s and a 2N3866. Power out is around 1.2W pep. I also added the osc/doubler and single balanced mixer later but have not optimised the overall strip. This phone image shows the breadboard I was working on - not a pretty sight. If time allows tomorrow I'll continue this and maybe get to hook it up to an antenna and a PC on TX.

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Julian Moss said...

I hope you haven't missed the boat for this year, Roger. 10m has gone quite quiet recently.