24 Sep 2012

The current G3XBM shack layout

The current G3XBM operating station

This is the current G3XBM operating position. The new additions are the 472/500kHz 10W transverter and the little WISPY 10m WSPR TX beacon, which has been boxed today. These are the two boxes to the left of the FT817. I've also increased WISPY's output power to about 250mW and have been getting loads and loads of WSPR USA spots this afternoon, including some from the west coast (W7).  I do my design and building elsewhere in the house. This is not ideal, but it does make for an uncluttered operating environment.

The vast majority of my equipment is home built and much of it home designed. Not shown in the picture are the Sixbox (6m AM), the Fredbox (2m AM), Chirpy (10m CW) plus any of the VLF kit. The last time I bought a new transceiver was about 10 years ago.

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gj7rwt said...

Very neat Roger. I thought I would be as neat in my new shack (a shed on the back patio) alas it didn't quite go to plan. Wires everywhere. More holes need to be drilled in the shelving so that they can be hidden out of view.
I had a go at 10m wspr yesterday after a break of around 2 yrs. I had forgotten just what good fun wspr is. I was using 5 watts from my ft897 and got to the USA west coast.