22 Sep 2012

500kHz REAL DX with the new transverter

DX reports on 500kHz WSPR this evening using the new 10W transverter
My new 500kHz transverter has "done the business" with reception this evening of my WSPR signal (for the third autumn running) by OH1LSQ at a distance of 1736km. What I find incredible is that this is with low milliwatts ERP from an antenna that is tiny: the outer of the 6m vertical coax (the feed to my 10m halo) tuned against a ground formed by my central heating system copper and brought to resonance with a tapped coil on a ferrite rod sitting on the shack desktop.
500kHz WSPR reports map
The new 472kHz band is clearly going to be great fun for all, even without anything special in the way of antennas. However, my experience with small antennas on 136kHz is a different matter: on that band it is MUCH harder to get reports from any distance with QRP.

For details of my 472/500kHz transverter see https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp/Home/472khz-transverter

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