21 Sep 2012

10m Simple Sideband (DSB) Transceiver

Regular readers of this blog will recall that about a year ago I started breadboarding a simple DSB speech transceiver for 10m. Having had great success with the WISPY 10m WSPR transceiver, I now have a very simple design for the TX part of such a DSB speech transceiver (just need to add an audio preamp/clipper/filter), so I am beginning to get ideas together for this project again. A power of around 1W pep (DSB) equivalent to 500mW pep SSB is the minimum I think. On RX a single balanced diode mixer (or a double balanced mixer such as an ADE-1 or SBL1) should be fine. For the VFO, I am thinking of a mixer/VFO with a tuning range of 28.4-28.6MHz. The RX audio design from WISPY works well but it will need another audio stage to drive headphones.

I want to have another go at a 136kHz transverter (based on my latest architecture), more non-line-of-sight (NLOS) optical comms, E-field probes, more earth mode comms, WSPR beacons for other bands,  etc etc...

My problem is I've too many ideas in my head and not enough hours in the day to try them all out. What I need is a spare, free, design team (!) to take these ideas forward whilst I get on with other things, like looking after the grandchildren, gardening, maintaining the house, eating and sleeping etc. Since retiring 4 years ago I have no idea why I've no spare time!

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