10 Aug 2012

Lack of recent posts

My apologies for lack of recent content, but we've been away from the home QTH whilst our kitchen is being refitted. The local builder, a good and reliable person, advised us to go away and avoid the chaos, so we have been exploring Kent and East Sussex from our son's home near Canterbury. No ham gear with me, just the iPod Touch 4g.

Update Aug11th: we have now returned home (PW awaiting me) to find the kitchen almost finished - 2 more days work - and looking good. Problem is access to my "lab" is impossible because of boxes and builders tools. With luck all should be clear by Wednesday when ham radio building can resume.


gj7rwt said...

Your builder is indeed wise! The kitchen is one of those places that you take for granted many times during the day.....only when its gone do you realize just how much you use it. Having to wash your dishes in the bath is no fun. H ope all is as you expected it to be on your return.
I've been catching up with all your articles in the 2 sprats i've been sent now that I am a member of the GQRP club. Really do need to speed up my receive capability on cw and get cracking making some contacts.

Julian Moss said...

Coincidentally we have had our kitchen refitted at the same time. We didn't go away. I'm glad we didn't because if Olga hadn't been there to check up on things I don't know what we would have ended up with!