22 Aug 2012

KX3 leadtimes shortening

The KX3 image on the Elecraft site
The Elecraft website now shows "New Order Lead Time: 60 days" for the KX3 10W transceiver. At one time this was around 120 days, so they are working hard to get products out more quickly now that any initial teething troubles have been addressed. www.eham.net still shows a satisfaction rating of 5 from 25 reviews, which is excellent.  A 2 month lead-time would put delivery around the end of October when DX on HF is likely to be at its best for many years.  I have to admit that I'm very tempted, but it is a lot of money.

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VE3WDM said...

Well Roger I was tempted and gave in during the first part of August. I have my Elecraft KX3 order in and just waiting. I hope to see it in Oct and it has a spot just beside my iMac.