14 Aug 2012

Autumn project list

My wife often calls me a "fireside fusilier" as I am always gunner (going to) do this or gunner do that.

Well here is my current projects ideas list, some of which I hope to address in the coming weeks and months. How many will be replaced with other ideas first?
  1. Finish the 472kHz transverter and write this up.
  2. Simple 28MHz QRP WSPR transceiver to use with a netbook.
  3. Stand alone 137kHz receiver (for use with PC).
  4. Semi-permanent E-field probe antenna and on-line 137kHz/472kHz grabbers
  5. More non line-of-sight light beam experiments (get better distances).
  6. Semi-permanent 481THz QRSS beacon for NLOS light beam tests.
  7. Alternative HF antennas - maybe re-erect my Par Electronics 40/20/10 end-fed.
  8. Further earth-mode (ground conduction) experiments - tests at around 30 and 73kHz as well as more tests at VLF aiming to improve best though ground DX (currently 6km with 5W).
  9. Experiment with horizontal loop antenna on TX at VLF (maximising coupling into ground).
  10. Build some better LF/MF test gear such as resistive SWR bridge, 50W dummy load and a noise bridge.
I'll give you all a progress update in about 6 weeks time!

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