31 Jul 2012

Finally RIP Heathkit

It was a long time finally dying after the last Heathkit amateur radio product was made by this once fine company, but I read today on the Southgate Amateur Radio News page that what was left of the company has now filed for bankruptcy.  Latterly it had been involved in educational systems but funding was drying up.

VE6CN's fine line-up of Heathkit products
Founded in 1926, Heathkit was famous for its kits in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. They were the Elecraft of their day with sound designs and clear step-by-step building instructions.  My first introduction into electronics and radio was with a kit for Christmas 1961. I never looked back thanks to that wonderful product.

I hope VE6CN wont mind me linking to his picture showing his fine line-up of Heathkit products. For a lot more pictures of Heathkit amateur radio products see http://www.ultrawebb.com/OHP/gallery.htm .


gj7rwt said...

Its a sad day Roger. I never owned a Heathkit but always liked the look of them. It could be something to do with the colour of the casings. I thought I read a few weeks ago that they were possibly going to reintroduce some kits. Watch the price of old units sky rocket now !

Richard said...

Unfortunate. I had the HW-7/8/9 QRP rigs. The 9 was really great.