31 Jul 2012

Elecraft KX3 user satisfaction poll

A few weeks ago I ran a poll on the Elecraft KX3 Yahoo group asking owners how satisfied they were with the KX3 QRP radio released earlier this year. I don't own one of these radios, but do covet one. Poll results can be interpreted in a number of ways, but I think this is a fair summary:
  • 65% of respondents found the KX3 exceeded or far exceeded their expectations.
  • 24% of respondents found it met their expectations
  • 9% were to some extent disappointed with the product
This is a very high level of satisfaction. Not sure why the total doesn't add up to 100%.

So, will I buy one? Not sure. What is certain is that if I ordered one today I'd be unlikely to see one in my hands much before Christmas such is the backlog and demand.

1 comment:

M5FRA said...

Delivery is being quoted as 60-90 days but looking at the shipping status they are catching up fast!