1 Jul 2012

500kHz WSPR and OPERA compared

Today I've been comparing OPERA OP4 and WSPR performance by running my QRP beacon in daylight in both modes for several hours each on 500kHz. Theoretically OP4 should outperform WSPR by a few dB, but I am getting roughly similar reports from stations 126 and 210 km away in both modes.

Personally I prefer WSPR because of the neater on-line reporting system and user interface, shorter TX period (2 mins rather than 4 mins) and the fact that more data is being transmitted (call, power, location). Unfortunately only a couple of UK stations have been looking for my 500kHz WSPR signals, so the test is a bit limited.


Paul PC4T said...

I agree with you. I tested and compared WSPR and Opera on 30 and 20 meter. I think WSPR is better.

John GM4SLV said...

I will only be using WSPR, as I have misgivings about the Opera/ROS project and I (by far) prefer the interface and Web database of WSPR.
I'm preparing to re-appear on MF any day soon.