23 Jun 2012

On-line CW training at LCWO

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If you are like me then your CW skills are not the world's best. Even though I am a G3 and licensed since 1967 my CW really is pretty pathetic. On an HF QSO when exchanging callsigns, reports, and serial numbers I'm usually OK, but when ragchewing with seriously good CW operators I'm embarrassed by the amount I miss. Some operators are very good and slow down, but not everyone.

However, for we CW duffers, help is at hand: http://lcwo.net/ is a rather superb on-line CW training facility that I believe could really help improve CW skills with a few minutes' effort each night. I have been to the site before and managed to improve my speed a bit but need to return there and try some more. All sorts of CW training is available at all sorts of speeds. If you want to use CW, which is an excellent mode especially for QRP, then this is worth a visit.

1 comment:

Carl said...

Having always been a bit weak in the cw area I have had a quick look at the site and will give it a go later.

Would be nice to bring my speed up a bit also.

Very much like the layout of your blog with the short but to the point posts.

Keep up the good work.