5 Jun 2012

My thanks

Thank you so much for everyone's support yesterday when I was feeling quite down: nine replies on the blog and as many again directly by email is true support in the best spirit of amateur radio. The message is "don't let the idiot's beat you down", which will be my motto.

Ours is a GREAT hobby and I guess we have to accept there will be a few bad apples in the orchard.  Anyway, firmly back in gear here with a list of projects far too long to do any time soon. Several interruptions likely in the next few weeks but I'll be getting my teeth into some good ones very soon.


aa7ee said...

Roger - I didn't see this post - and your post of June 4th - until yesterday, but wish to offer my thoughts.

You are an inveterate tinkerer and experimenter and although I don't know you personally, seem to be very much a gentleman. These are all qualities in the best traditions of amateur radio. We need as many amateurs like yourself as we can get.

I'm very glad you decided to continue with your odyssey of experimentation and sharing. It would have been a great shame if you were to discontinue your contributions to our hobby due to the actions of a few whose behavior does not in any way represent our ideals.


Graham said...


Good on you; I am glad you decided to not let the Idiots get the better of you.

I would suggest we trade projects lists but I think neither of us would come out ahead with any shorter a list ;).

cheers, Graham ve3gtc