13 May 2012

Universal QRP Projects Box?

This is really a follow-on from the previous post. As a "mechanically challenged" QRPer I really do hate the stage of putting a completed project into a tidy box. Some people love drilling holes but many do not, so I wonder if there is a market for a "universal" QRP projects box with pre-drilled holes at the front and back? Perhaps a variation of the GQRP Limerick project box could be made available for wider project use?

Most QRP transceivers need a power connector, a coax socket and a key on the back. They need a VFO(or VXO) control knob, a gain control and a socket for phones. Maybe another control and a couple of front panel switches.

So, I wonder why no-one (as far as I know) produces a pre-drilled box that could be used for a range of projects. Surely there is a market for this. A set of water transfer control legends could also be supplied with the box (remember the Radio Constructor sets?).

Just my thoughts having spent an afternoon engineering a 481THz transceiver mechanics and drilling an aluminium box.


Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

What a nice afternoon, hum?!
So far the only similar product to your idea (that I know of) is the custom enclosures from Ten-tec http://www.tentec.com/categories/Enclosures/Custom-Enclosures/
But there are some generic enclosures and customized front panel producers.
I agree that drilling is not the best part of any project.

Dominic Rivron said...

I have tried using boxes that belong to vintage gear that no longer worked but had performed a similar function - sometimes adapting controls that were there already.