23 May 2012

RSGB member for 50 years

When we got back from seeing our grandchildren in Kent today there was a small package from the RSGB on the doormat. I'd not ordered anything, so was a little puzzled what it might be.

Inside was a very nice letter and a personalised callsign RSGB lapel badge as a thank you for being a continuous RSGB member for 50 years this month. Apparently it was April 1962 when I first joined. It was very gratifying to get this: thank you RSGB!

Things have changed a great deal in the hobby since then, but there is as much, if not more, to enjoy today than back then. Whether I get to reach 60 years of membership remains to be seen but I certainly intend to do all I can to enjoy radio electronics for as long as I possibly can.

The RSGB has had a difficult recent history but it deserves our support so that it can work for UK radio amateurs in the years ahead.

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Julian Moss said...

Congratulations, Roger. I would be entitled to an award for 40 years membership if there had not been a hiatus of a few years in the '90s when I lost interest in the hobby and let my membership and licence lapse.