3 May 2012

May Projects

All being well I have a window of a few weeks before visiting grandchildren and the like, so I have a couple of new aims:

(1) Convert the 10m halo to a dual band 10m/6m halo
This should be a fairly easy task as I already have dimensions for the 6m halo and I've air tested it in the loft. All that should be necessary is to take down the 10m halo and change the feed and support arrangements so both the 10m and 6m halos are fed from the same coax. The pair of halos well clear in the air should prove an effective QRP antenna system for my 2 favourite bands.

(2) Complete my first optical speech transceiver
Strange though this is, I have made several quite sensitive optical receivers and a couple of reasonable power QRSS3 and CW optical beacons, but I've still not got around to making a complete optical speech transceiver. Locals hereabouts use baseband audio for TX, so this is what I should do if I want to work people like Bernie G4HJW. It would be good to get a few line-of-sight short range (up to around 10-15km) 481THz QSOs in the log-book soon. Based on my optical work so far this is not a difficult task, just one I need to crack on with.

Target for both projects is within 2 weeks i.e. by May 17th. We'll see.

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